Corporate Social Responsibility

Keystone Foods strives to be a responsible global business that balances environmental stewardship, social responsibility and profitable growth to operate sustainably within the global and local communities where we do business.

Through our KEYSTAR program, our company maintains a comprehensive set of guidelines and metrics to help communicate and measure our vision and dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For Keystone Foods, CSR is about how business processes can be better managed to produce sustainable outcomes for society and our stakeholders. We are also dedicated to helping our customers understand and respond to the challenges they may face in the food industry, such as questions about food quality, animal welfare and issues surrounding climate change.

Our program stands for:

  • Socially Responsible Growth
  • Total Commitment
  • Achieving Balance
  • Respecting the Environment

These principles are the basis from which the KEYSTAR Program was developed. By uniting the principles of the KEYSTAR program with our business strategy, we ensure that our program elements are clear, our goals are definable and implementable, and our employees are provided with the tools to achieve them and create value for our stakeholders. The four KEYSTAR pillars are integral to achieving our global business strategy. Those pillars are Sustaining the Planet, Contributing to Communities, Supporting Our People, and Creating Shared Value.

Keystar Values GraphicB

KEYSTAR is managed by a dedicated global team that facilitates decision-making across the business and provides regular updates to the company’s CSR Steering Committee, comprised of Keystone’s Leadership Team members. The Steering Committee was created in 2009 to ensure widespread executive support and engagement on CSR issues. Keystone also maintains a Global CSR Team comprised of functional area experts from each department of Keystone – ranging from finance to animal welfare. The team provides subject matter expertise on key CSR issues in each member’s functional area. In each of our operating plants, local KEYSTAR team representatives are responsible for promoting CSR issues and delivering corporate priorities to their facilities.

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