Global Business Regions

Keystone is a global food services company, and our APMEA Region (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa) delivers chicken, beef, pork, fish, produce and bakery items to consumers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australia (APMEA). Operations consist of:

Facilities are located in South Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

In the APMEA Region, we source poultry from partners and strategic alliances that have been formed through years of doing business in the region; through these partners, we are able to offer the same quality, consistency and supply as we do worldwide. In fact, we are proud of the contributions we have made to food safety and animal welfare during our decades of operation in APMEA.

AMPEA operations produce:

  • 204 million pounds of poultry
  • 66 million pounds of beef
  • 12 million pounds of fish
  • 12 million pounds of pork
  • 6 million pounds of additional animal proteins and products

All of these products are delivered to more than 4,000 restaurants and customers.