Keystone Foods USA Proteins

Keystone Foods USA Proteins’ operations consist of ten state-of-the art facilities across the U.S., including feed mills, hatcheries and further-processing plants. We specialize in the production of poultry, beef and fish. Our vertically integrated poultry grow-out process gives us complete control over the quality, consistency and cost of our products, to the benefit of our customers. We proudly maintain close relationships with family farms and contract growers who strive to meet our high standards.

Our Engage for Excellence endeavor includes the dedication of every employee at Keystone Foods, from food safety and quality assurance to logistics and customer service, extending company-wide across the globe. Engage for Excellence is not about how we’ve always done things at Keystone Foods — it’s about how we can do them better. Our customers can depend on our proactive approach to consistently deliver results that outperform management systems which rely only on periodic interventions and inspections. Visit our plants. Talk to our people. Use our products. You can always know that we’ll be a more responsive, responsible and engaged partner.

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