Global Products & Services

At Keystone Foods facilities, we use the highest quality raw materials from our long-standing supplier network. Our processing capabilities and techniques vary by market and protein, but our dedication to workplace safety, food safety and quality, animal welfare, as well as our obligation to protect our natural resources, remains consistent throughout our worldwide operations. All of these factors are regularly audited by third-party experts, and Keystone is constantly innovating to ensure we are using only the most effective, efficient and humane practices.

Beef, Fish & Pork:

A key aspect of our proteins business is the further processing of beef, fish, and pork, which we purchase from our network of trusted suppliers and fisheries.  Many of the fish products Keystone produces are Marine Stewardship Council Certified. Keystone is at the forefront of industry initiatives on Sustainable Beef practices globally. We participate as an active member of the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef.

United States Poultry Process:

Our vertically integrated poultry grow-out process in the United States provides oversight regarding the quality, consistency, supply and cost of our products, to the benefit of our customers. The individual family farmers with whom we contract are held to our high standards of safety, quality and animal welfare. We supplement our internal supply with strategic partners who share our commitment to quality and safety.


Asia Pacific Poultry Process:

In APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa), we source poultry from partners and strategic alliances that have been formed through decades of successful operation in the region. We then employ a variety of further processing techniques to prepare fully-cooked and par-fried products that delight our customers. Our longstanding presence and established business model in APMEA uniquely positions Keystone to grow with the world’s finest brands as they expand globally. Through our valued partners, we are able to offer the same quality, consistency, and supply as we do worldwide.