Essentials of Excellence

At Keystone, everything we do focuses on our customers.  It matters to us that we provide them with the best high-quality food items that will delight consumers.  Our customers appreciate that we act with integrity, foster long-standing collaborative partnerships, embrace their priorities and promote responsible business practices to ensure the safety of our people and our products throughout the value chain.

We believe our customers choose us because we strive for excellence.  Reflected below, our Essentials of Excellence underpin all of our operations every day to protect our customers’ brands as well as our own.  Anchored by our own keystone, “Our People”, they reinforce our Vision, Mission, and Core Values across the company and around the world.

Keystone Difference


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Our People

Our people are the core of our Essentials of Excellence; they are the most valued asset and the source of our success. Our customers know that their needs will be met or exceeded by everyone, regardless of position within the organization. Like any structure that’s built to last, a keystone is needed to hold it together. For us, the keystone is our employees.

Customer Centric

We are passionate about our customers and consumers and embrace their priorities as our own. We’ve built our business around serving the world’s leading brands. This requires us to be agile, while operating on a large scale. We are prepared to respond to client demands on a global, national and local level. At every point of contact, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

Food Safety

We are a leader in food safety. We understand the importance of advancing our industry and protecting the brands that we serve. We share our expertise with our competition rather than using it as a competitive advantage. We do not cut corners on food safety, and we never will.

Quality Assurance

At Keystone Foods, we have a passion for excellence and strive to provide only the highest quality service and products to our customers. We bring attention to detail to every step of production, from breeder farms to further processing. We use real-time data to monitor and maintain quality every step of the way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Keystone Foods is recognized across the industry for its leadership in CSR, which sustainably balances environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and profitable growth both locally and globally. The Keystone Foods’ KEYSTAR® Corporate Social Responsibility program is built on our tradition of excellence in ensuring the safety of our people and products, contributing to our local communities, and caring for our environment. CSR has become deeply rooted within our culture, and the KEYSTAR® program supports brand protection for our customers.

Continuous Improvement

It’s not about how we’ve always done business; we’re focused on how we can improve and grow. Every day, we challenge ourselves to keep raising the bar. Our Engage for Excellence endeavor combines the best of Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and personal engagement from our CEO to our most recently hired production worker.

Cost Competitiveness

Our customers can trust our products because we act with integrity and do what is right. Earning customer trust is critical to us, and a part of that is achieving excellence in all categories of business and driving better costs. We aim to fully understand our customers’ businesses and create bespoke programs that are highly-customized to their specifications. We do this by developing intelligent teams, breakthrough processes and innovative ideas. All of this helps us get it right the first time, while enabling us to control costs and deliver excellent service at a competitive price.


Every day, we make it our mission to provide our customers with high-quality food solutions. This goes beyond processing. We are constantly listening to our customers and monitoring for trends among consumers and the marketplace. Keystone has a history of innovation, from pioneering the total food distribution system to food cryogenics and the introduction of the chicken nugget. Today, we collaborate with customers on new ideas from research and development to implementation.

Global Resources

Through our international footprint, we are a well-positioned industry leader with unparalleled global assets. Our reach and breadth of resources allows us to be responsive and create tailored programs for our clients – whether quick-service restaurants (QSRs), retailers or industrial food service companies – while maintaining a superior commitment to sustainability. Our global presence also enables us to imagine, develop and refine breakthrough solutions around the world.