Our Company

Who We Are

Keystone Foods is headquartered in Pennsylvania with operations in six countries across North America and the APMEA Region (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa). Worldwide, Keystone Foods has multiple sales offices, dedicated R&D centers and approximately 25 manufacturing facilities, which include primary and further processing as well as feed mills, hatcheries and a grain operation. We can satisfy market demand, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and offer our customers a diversified value chain through vertical integration in the United States and our partners around the world.

What We Do

At the heart of our operations lies one objective – satisfy our customers. We strive to go beyond routine performance and challenge ourselves to develop value-oriented, custom-tailored programs, and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ specific demands

Our Promise

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations through our innovative and quality products, processes and information. We’ve set industry benchmarks for food safety and quality, while continuously improving our cost competitiveness. With our world-class employee safety, corporate social responsibility, animal welfare, and food safety and quality programs, no food company is better positioned to protect and grow with the world’s leading consumer brands.