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Marfrig Global FoodsMarfrig Global Foods is a multinational company with operations in the food processing and service sectors. Marfrig activities are focused on the production, processing preparation, sale and distribution of animal proteins including beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish. Under the leadership of Chairman Marcos Molina dos Santos and CEO Martin Secco, the company operates 46 processing plants, commercial offices and distribution centers globally.

Marfrig Beef

Marfrig BeefMarfrig Beef develops and produces food based on bovine and ovine meat and handles leather processing. Marfrig Beef operates through more than 30 production plants throughout South America and has a production capacity of 5.1 million head of cattle, 3 million sheep, and 166,000 tons of processed foods including frozen fish and vegetables per year. Marfrig Beef is led by CEO Andrew Murchie, and Marfrig Southern Cone is led by CEO Marcelo Secco.

Keystone Foods

Keystone FoodsKeystone Foods is a global food services company that supplies major consumer brands, leading retailers and food service providers with high-quality animal protein products including poultry, beef, pork and fish. Keystone has 25 manufacturing facilities in six countries across North America and the APMEA Region (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa). Annually, the company processes nearly 2 billion pounds of poultry, 300 million pounds of beef, more than 32 million pounds of fish and 12 million pounds of pork. Acquired by Marfrig Global Foods in 2010, Keystone Foods is led by CEO Frank Ravndal.